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Monday, December 17, 2012


"Warm Bodies" puts a fun twist on the supernatural teenie-bopper fad that has swept the nation. The story focuses on the zombified antics of R, played by Nicholas Hoult. Shortly after enjoying a late evening lunch, briefly played by Dave Franco, R is faced with a moral dilemma -- to eat or not to eat. R opts to skip a second course and instead rescues Julie, Teresa Palmer, the gun-toting girlfriend of his latest victim.

What follows thereafter can only be described as the exhumation of the 80's romantic comedy. Think Teen Wolf (1985) meets Once Bitten (1985). Fans of these cult classics are sure to love the predictable zombie-themed relationship hiccups. (e.g., need to eat brains, want to eat brains, heady fleshy corpse aroma) While newcomers to the genre will still enjoy watching Hoult's lumber across the screen, with an unrealistically naive Palmer in tow.

Twilight fans and haters alike will enjoy the light-hearted tone of "Warm Bodies."

I rate it a popcorn combo! (As P would say, "Give it a look.")

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